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Rolled Ice Cream

Freezing Point hits the spot to get the homemade ice cream that you have been craving. Our ice cream shop is the one of the few places you can find around Lyndhurst that provides rolled ice cream and more. With various toppings and delectable syrups, you are able to make your custom made ice cream in accordance to your liking.

Because all of our ice creams are homemade, they are not at the soft serve consistency but rather have a creamy texture that brings out each gratifying flavor. We tend to keep our item prices exceedingly affordable in order to share our one-of-a-kind frozen dessert with everyone. To us, customer satisfaction beats penny profit, and we aim to apply this philosophy in everything we do in order to create the delectable flavors just for you.

As recognized as the best ice cream in the county, visit us in Lyndhurst, NJ today! You can even browse around our gift shop as you indulge in our tasty treats.

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Rolled Ice Cream

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